Rory Flynn

Rory grew up in Hollywood in the 50’s with her father Errol Flynn and mother Nora. At the age of 18 Rory was discovered by the Eileen Ford Agency, she started modeling in NY, and soon after left for Europe where she worked in the fashion centers, London, Paris & Milan.

As a high fashion model, having worked with some of the best photographers, Rory picked up the camera as a hobby, later the camera became her profession, which later led her back to Hollywood, becoming a stills photographer for feature films and television.

Rory has done over 35 feature films and numerous television sitcoms and movies of the week. Then after meeting her husband on a film in Sri Lanka that he was producing, they settled into a home, very close to the house she grew up in, in the Hollywood Hills to raise their son, Sean.

Rory wrote a book about her growing up in Hollywood with her famous dad, ”The Baron of Mulholland”. This book and the research Rory has done for the book, has led her to her lecturing career. Rory has lectured in universities, charity functions for Veterans and Cruise lines.

Errol Flynn was born in Hobart, Tasmania, and in 2009 Rory put together a centenary celebration for her father, a 2-week festival in Hobart, sponsored by the Heart Foundation.