Allen Fields

Allen is one of the five grandchildren of W.C. Fields.

He and his siblings are the sole shareholders of W.C. Fields Productions, Inc. Through the corporation, the family is owner of the image and likeness, and intellectual property rights of W.C. Fields. As a result of the family’s efforts, constructive use of the image and likeness of W.C. Fields is licensed and monitored throughout the world.

Allen and his siblings have recently worked very closely with the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, Universal Studios, The Magic Castle, Buster Keaton Film Festival, the Chicago Comedy Film Festival, and the WC Fields Fan Club to ensure that the wit and humor of W.C. Fields is passed on through the generations.

As this year represents the 100 year anniversary of W.C. Fields first film, there are many events planned throughout the year that will celebrate this milestone including the showing of films at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, the release of 6 WCF films in digitalized format by Universal Studios, the Paley Center for Media in NYC and Los Angeles, focusing on WCF’s radio career, programs sponsored by the Philadelphia Film Society, and WCF movies to be shown throughout the country at revival movie houses.

The Fields Family, through W.C. Fields Productions, have established a web site ( that provides various WCF related information that is easily accessible for those wanting any information related to WCF. By establishing the web site and promoting such events as the one today, my family and I are hopefully achieving our mutual purpose of preserving an American comedic icon, W.C. Fields, as his artistry transcends generations.

Allen was born in Santa Monica and raised in Los Angeles. He and his wife Becky currently live in San Diego.