Return of the Dream Machine: Hand-cranked Films From 1902-1913 (2015)

Experience the movies like the first audiences did, with hand-cranked projection of 35mm film prints featuring icons from cinema’s earliest years, including a color-tinted version of George Méliès’ A TRIP TO THE MOON (1902), the Edison Company’s THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY (1903), D.W. Griffith’s A CORNER IN WHEAT (1909) and Lois Weber’s splitscreen thriller SUSPENSE (1913). This collection is presented by Randy Haberkamp of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and Joe Rinaudo, who will operate his 1909 hand-crank power’s Model 6 cameragraph motion picture machine assisted by Gary Gibson.  Pre-show music from the era will be played by Galen Wilkes on a 1908 Edison Phonograph and Michael Mortilla will provide live accompaniment to the films.

(d. various, 105m, 35mm)

In attendance: Randy Haberkamp