Out Of Sight (1998)

Like the Elmore Leonard novel on which it’s based, OUT OF SIGHT is more about the journey and the characters than the plot. With characters like George Clooney’s bank robber Jack Foley, Jennifer Lopez’s federal marshal Karen Sisco and Don Cheadle’s violent thug Maurice Miller, however, the film offers some interesting traveling companions. The focus is on the growing attraction between Clooney and Lopez after they’re locked in a car trunk together during his prison break. Although she’s bound to bring him in, there’s no telling where the relationship will go when she tracks him to Detroit, where he and Cheadle are about to mount conflicting home robberies on crooked businessman Albert Brooks. Stephen Soderbergh seemed like an unlikely choice to direct a sexy caper film back in 1998, when his biggest hit was the independent classic Sex, Lies, and Videotape (1989). He was searching for a ticket out of what he called the “arthouse ghetto” and, fortunately, Universal executives thought his vision was perfect for the picture. He didn’t compromise his approach. The film jumps around in time, at one point intercutting a seduction scene with the later physical act (thanks to Oscar-nominated editor Anne V. Coates). Though the film lost money, it opened the door to later Soderbergh hits like Erin Brockovich (2000) and Ocean’s Eleven (2001). (d. Steven Soderbergh, 110m, Digital)  In attendance: Anne V. Coates ACE.