Festival 101

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We’re thrilled you’ll be joining us in the heart of historic Hollywood for the sixth TCM Classic Film Festival. Whether you’ve joined us in past years, or if this is your first time, the following information will help you make the most of your 2015 Festival experience.

Is there a Festival APP available for the 2015 TCM Classic Film Festival?

Our free TCM Classic Film Festival app (available on iOS and Android devices) is your one-stop companion to everything going on at this year’s fest.  Our 2015 app is based on an all new platform that allows you to see complete film descriptions and special guest bios, create your own custom schedule with alerts, get late breaking news and announcements, synch your personal schedule across multiple devices, and see photo galleries, the festival map, video recaps and much more!

Where can I find out about the TCM Classic Film Festival on Social Media?

You can also follow @tcmfilmfest and #tcmff on Twitter for Festival-related announcements and updates and like TCM Film Festival on Facebook to join the classic film conversation.

This year, we’ve invited a group of 20 fans to take over our social media accounts during the Festival, and they’ll be chatting about films all weekend on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Follow @TCMFilmFest on Twitter, and tag your tweets with #TCMFF so we can read about your experiences. Post your photos on Instagram, and tag #TCMFF so we can see the fest through your eyes. And don’t forget to check out our Tumblr at http://tcmff.tumblr.com for photos and videos.

When should I plan on arriving and departing the Festival?

For Spotlight, Essential and Classic passholders: the Festival schedule will officially kick off at 1:00pm on Thursday, March 26, with “MEET TCM”, a panel discussion at the Club TCM located in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. There will also be a passholder welcome reception from 5pm to 7pm in Club TCM later that evening.

As the last official Festival events will begin in the evening on Sunday, March 29, we recommend that those of you who are traveling to Los Angeles for the Festival book your return travel for Monday, March 30. The Festival schedule is available by clicking here.

For Palace passholders: while your official eligible screenings will begin at 9:00am on Friday, March 27, you are welcome to watch the opening night Red Carpet arrivals from a special bleacher section and viewing area reserved exclusively for Festival passholders of every level. Palace passholders are also welcome to purchase individual tickets for evening screenings (not including THE SOUND OF MUSIC [1965]).


What time does the Red Carpet open for the opening night Gala presentation of THE SOUND OF MUSIC on Thursday, March 26?

The opening night Red Carpet will open at 5:00pm. The program will begin promptly at 6:30pm. Classic and Palace passholders are welcome to watch the opening night Red Carpet arrivals in a special bleacher and spectator section reserved exclusively for passholders. The queue for this spectator section will open at 4:00pm and seating will begin at 4:30pm.

What should I plan on wearing at the Festival?

For those attending the opening night Red Carpet Gala premiere of THE SOUND OF MUSIC (1965) and/or the Gala Party, we strongly recommend cocktail attire. Cocktail attire typically means a suit or cocktail dress. For all other events, attendees should dress comfortably and prepare for changes in temperature when moving from inside to outside of Festival venues. While Los Angeles has a generally warm, sunny climate, it can get cool in the evening. We recommend you bring a light jacket or windbreaker just in case.



How do you recommend I get from the airport to the Festival?

If you don’t plan on renting a car, we recommend you take a cab, shuttle or private car service.

Cab fare is approximately $60-$80 from LAX. Normally, the travel time to the Hollywood and Highland area is approximately 45 minutes, but depending on traffic conditions, it could take much longer and cost more. We suggest that you direct the driver to take La Cienega Boulevard rather than the freeway.

Cab fare is approximately $50-$70 from the Burbank airport. Normally, the travel time to the Hollywood and Highland area is approximately 30 minutes, but again, depending on traffic conditions, could take much longer and cost more.

Shuttle services are also available and typically cost $20 or less. However, travel by shuttle can be significantly longer than when travelling by taxi. Many of these shuttle services accept, but often don’t require, advance reservations. We recommend that you contact your hotel to see if they have their own shuttle or, if not, which shuttle service they recommend.

There is also a new bus service launched by Los Angeles city officials called the Flyaway bus services that runs between LAX and Hollywood. The services runs hourly from 5:15am – 10:15pm daily, and fare is $8.00 one way. Visit www.lawa.org for more details.

Private car services are also available, but will typically cost over $100. If you’d like to hire a private car service, we recommend you contact your hotel to see which service they recommend.




I’m driving to the Festival. Where do I park?

Those attending the Festival screenings at the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX, TCL Chinese 6 Theatres, and the El Capitan Theatre may park in the garage at the Hollywood & Highland Center.

Parking fees are $2.00 for up to 4 hours with validation from The TCL Chinese Theatre, TCL Chinese 6 Theatres AND El Capitan Theatre; $1.00 for every 15 minutes thereafter. Daily maximum is $15.00. $10 flat rate on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays after 10 pm.  Valet parking is available for an additional $7.00 fee.  The parking structure is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is also only $2.00 for up to 2 hours with validation from participating shops, restaurants and nightclubs.

South of Hollywood Blvd. there are attended Grant & Classic Parkinglots on McCadden Place and on Las Palmas. Parking is $10-$20 flat rate maximum. They do NOT offer validation to Egyptian Theatre customers. There is often $5 parking in area lots a block east of the Egyptian. Always verify if you are paying a flat rate or hourly before parking.



When and where can I pick up my pass(es) and program and/or gift bag?

Will Call passes, gift bags (for Essential and Spotlight passholders) and Festival programs will be available for pick up in the Academy Room located on the 2nd floor of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel beginning on Wednesday, March 25, from 2-4pm PT and on Thursday, March 26, from 10am-7pm PT. Passholders arriving after Thursday, March 26 may pick up their pass(es), programs and gift bags (for Essential and Spotlight passholders) at the Information Desk located in the main lobby of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Only one Festival program and one gift bag (for Essential and Spotlight passholders) per pass will be issued per passholder.

Our Press Office and Operations Headquarters will also be located at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.


Do I have to line up for an event if I have a pass?

Yes. You should look for signs directing you to the appropriate queue at each venue based on your pass level. Please read the back of your pass for information on what access your pass does and does not provide. Spotlight passholders and VIPs have priority entry, followed by all other levels of passholders, then individual ticket holders. TCM recommends all passholders arrive at the venue a minimum of 30 minutes before the start of their desired show. For shows that may be particularly popular or those at smaller venues, you may want to arrive earlier. All Festival goers, including passholders, should get a queue number when they arrive at the screening venue.


I understand seating isn’t guaranteed. Why is that again?

In order to give passholders as much flexibility as possible in attending the events they most want to attend, TCM decided that passholders shouldn’t have to pick their events ahead of time. With this system, if you change your mind about what event to attend, just queue in front of that theater.

Since it is possible that the number of passholders who want to attend a particular event could exceed the number of seats available at any one venue; we cannot guarantee passholders a seat at every event.

Passholders who queue a minimum of 30 minutes prior to show time stand an excellent chance of attending most of their desired events, particularly at larger venues like the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX, the El Capitan Theatre and Egyptian Theatre. Those who arrive at the venue less than 30 minutes before show time may have more difficulty gaining entry depending on the size of the venue and the type of pass. If there is a specific program you consider a “must-see” event, particularly at the smaller capacity venues, you may want to arrive at the venue earlier. Individual tickets will be sold only after the queued passholders have entered the venue. It’s helpful to have a back-up plan in case you are not able to get into a particularly popular event. We will also be offering repeat screenings of some films in the TBA programming spots on the schedule.

The exception to the seating policy is the opening night screening of THE SOUND OF MUSIC (1965), which guarantees seating for Essential and Spotlight passholders.



Won’t there be a mad rush into the theater once the doors open?

We use a line system that helps ensure those who queue first (depending on pass level) get into the theater first. To ensure fairness and uphold the first come, first served wait line policy of the Festival, all screening venues utilize numbered paper “Queue Cards.” These Queue Cards are distributed at each venue to better control entry and to determine as quickly as possible when a show is expected to sell out. All Festival goers should get a Queue Card when they arrive at the screening venue. Only one Queue Card will be issued per person present per event and the saving of places in line is prohibited. Once you get your queue number, your place in the entry order is secure; however, you must be present when your queue number is called or you will forfeit your place in line. Please remember, Queue Cards are not tickets and do not guarantee entry.

How do you handle the seating for attendees in wheelchairs or with other special seating needs?

It is our goal to ensure all attendees have a safe and enjoyable experience at the TCM Classic Film Festival. The TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX, TCL Chinese 6 Theatres, El Capitan Theatre, Montalban Theatre, Egyptian Theatre, and other Festival venues, including the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, are wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant venues.

If you have special seating needs, please notify the venue manager immediately after getting your Queue Card for that event. In instances when the number of guests with wheelchairs or other seating needs exceeds the designated accessible spaces, venue managers will address these instances on a case-by-case basis.


How can I get individual tickets to events?

After queued passholders have been seated, open seatswill be sold on a first come, first served and cash only basis at individual venue box offices and just prior to the individual program start time. Individual tickets are $20 for general audiences, $10 with valid student I.D. for most events. Individual tickets are $30 for general audiences, $15 with valid student I.D. for the official closing night presentation of MARRIAGE ITALIAN STYLE (1964). Those arriving a minimum of 30 minutes prior to their desired show, particularly at larger venues or late evening screenings, stand an excellent chance of attending many of their desired screenings. For events at smaller venues you may want to arrive earlier.

Please note: No individual tickets will be sold for THE SOUND OF MUSIC (1965), Club TCM events, poolside screenings or events at the Montalban Theatre.




Can I purchase advance tickets for a particular screening?

As the number of individual screening tickets available is dependent on the number of passholders that attend a particular screening, individual screening tickets cannot be purchased in advance.

What happens if I’m running late to a movie?

As a courtesy to all Festival goers and our special presenters and guests, TCM strongly discourages late seating for screenings. The seating of guests once the event has begun will be at the discretion of the venue manager.

Can I keep my seat for consecutive shows?

Festival attendees may not “sit through” consecutive shows. At the end of each event attendees must clear the venue and re-enter with any queued audiences before the start of the next event.

What are the TBA Screenings?

These are screening slots that will be announced during the Festival dates; updated information can be found at the venue box offices, Information Desk, the Festival website (www.tcm.com/festival) and the Festival app.



What is the etiquette for approaching celebrity guests for autographs and/or pictures?

We understand the desire to approach a favorite celebrity to ask for an autograph or picture. However, here are a few things to keep in mind before approaching celebrity guests at the Festival:

  1. Given the full event schedule at the Festival we request that you not approach the stage before or after an interview.
  2. There will be signs posted throughout the Festival clearly stating the photography rules of a particular venue or event. If you have any doubts, simply ask a Festival Staff member.
  3. Celebrities are people too! They need to eat, talk on the phone, get from point A to point B quickly, and watch films just like we, their fans, do. A good rule of thumb is not to approach them while they are occupied, or do anything you yourself might find intrusive. 

How do I get to the Montalbán Theatre for the live taping?

The Montalbán is located at 1615 Vine Street.


Walk approximately one mile east on Hollywood Blvd. Then turn south (right) on Vine Street and walk approximately half a block. The Montalbán Theatre will be on your right. From the hotel, plan on approx. 25-30 minutes travel time by foot.


Use the subway ($1.75 each way). Take the Red subway line at the Hollywood/Highland station and go east one stop to the Hollywood/Vine station. Exit subway and go south on Vine Street for approximately half a block. The Montalbán Theatre will be on your right.


May I bring my pet/animal to the Festival?

It is our goal to ensure all attendees have a safe and enjoyable experience at the TCM Classic Film Festival. Service Animals, as that term is defined by the Americans With Disabilities Act and California Unruh Act, may accompany owners who have been admitted into any Festival area. “Service Animal” means, in part, any dog or miniature horse that is required because of a person’s disability and is specially trained to perform tasks related to the person’s disability.

The Festival does not guarantee entry to any event for animals that do not meet these specific Service Animal guidelines. Owners must keep their  animals under control at all times and shall be responsible for any damage their animals may cause.  The Festival also reserves the right to ask that a service animal leave the facility should the animal become a distraction, nuisance or threat to other patrons or to operations.

Additionally, attendees should note that individual venues, places of lodging, and other businesses in the Festival footprint may have their own restrictions and that admittance to these establishments for animals that do not meet ADA Service Animal guidelines is outside the control of the Festival management.

Are there any age restrictions at the Festival?

There are a few Festival events and areas that are age restricted.

  1. The Opening Night Red Carpet Gala party is restricted to Spotlight passholders age 21 and up.
  2. Passholders under the age 18 must be accompanied by a guardian (also a passholder) to attend the A CONVERSATION WITH NORMAN LLOYD or the LIVE FROM THE TCM CLASSIC FILM FESTIVAL: SOPHIA LOREN events.
  3. All Club TCM events are restricted to individuals age 13 and up.
  4. We regret that children under age 4 may not attend any Festival event.

Where do I eat?

Even the most die-hard movie fans need a break from popcorn! There are dozens of eating establishments within the Festival footprint, including along Hollywood Blvd. and the Hollywood & Highland Center, ranging from fast food to fine dining. There are also grocery stores within a few blocks from the main Festival venues. The restaurant next to the Egyptian Theatre, The Pig N’ Whistle will offer a 15% discount to Festival passholders (excluding To-Go orders). The restaurants 25 Degrees, Public Kitchen & Bar and the Tropicana Bar are located in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and offer a 10% discount on food purchases (excluding alcohol) to Festival passholders. (BARS ONLY in the Roosevelt: The Spare Room, and Library Bar, Teddy’s, and Beacher’s Madhouse). There is also café conveniently located inside the Chinese 6 Multiplex that will be serving a special Festival inspired menu of salads, sandwiches and entrees where attendees can eat while waiting for their next movie as well as a Grab & Go selection of food as well.




Are there any passholder discounts to Hollywood attractions?

TCM has partnered with leading several companies to provide discounted rates for Festival passholders. For complete details on how to take advantage of these discounted opportunities, click here.

I have a Palace pass. Does my pass allow me to attend events prior to March 27 or at any other venues other than the TCL Chinese Theatre Imax, The Egyptian Theatre, or poolside screenings at the Hollywood Roosevelt?

While official Palace-eligible screenings will begin at 9:00am on Friday, March 27, you are welcome to watch the March 26 opening night Red Carpet arrivals from a special bleacher section and viewing area reserved exclusively for Festival passholders of every level. The queue for this section will begin at 4:00pm and seating will begin at 4:30pm.

As Palace passes may not be used for entry to any Festival venue other than the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX, the Egyptian Theatre, or poolside at the Hollywood Roosevelt, we encourage Palace passholders to purchase individual tickets for screenings (not including THE SOUND OF MUSIC, the live tapings with Norman Lloyd or Sophia Loren, the handprint ceremony for Christopher Plummer, or any Club TCM events) at our other venues, when available.

I’d love to see how TCM works behind the scenes. Are you shooting at the Festival?

Yes! You’ll see our production teams at work often throughout the Festival, and there will be opportunities to watch interviews with some of our special guests live at the TCM Classic Film Festival at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Friday, March 27. If you’re in town please feel free to come and watch.

Shooting schedule (subject to change):

Friday, March 27 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on the Roosevelt Lobby Stage:

12:45pm – 1:00pm             Carl Davis with Ben Mankiewicz
1:00pm – 1:15pm                David Ladd with Ben Mankiewicz
1:15pm – 2:00pm                Shirley MacLaine with Ben Mankiewicz
2:00pm – 2:45pm               Ann-Margret


Saturday, March 28 at The Montalban Theater

10:00am                               Norman Lloyd: Conversations from the TCM Classic Film Festival

2:00pm                                 Sophia Loren:  Live from the TCM Classic Film Festival


Is there complimentary internet access at the TCM Classic Film Festival venues?

The TCM Classic Film Festival and the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel are happy to announce complimentary daily internet access as a sign of appreciation for Festival attendees lodging at our host hotel.


Venue Capacities

To assist you with planning your Festival schedule, here is information on the seating capacity for each Festival venue:

TCL Chinese Theatre IMEX                    920

The Egyptian Theatre                                618

TCL Chinese 6 Theatres, House #1      477

TCL Chinese 6 Theatre, House #4        177

TCL Chinese 6 Theatres, House #6      210

The El Capitan Theatre                             998

The Montalban (Live Taping)                500

Festival Venue Addresses

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

7000 Hollywood Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90028




TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX

6925 Hollywood Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90028




TCL Chinese 6 Theatres

6801 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028




 Egyptian Theatre

6712 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028-4605




El Capitan

6838 Hollywood Blvd,

Hollywood, CA




The Montalban Theatre

1615 Vine Street

Los Angeles, CA 90028







Safety and Security

As many Festival guests may be unfamiliar with how to react during an earthquake, we wanted to share a few tips regarding safety. In the unlikely event of an earthquake, please follow these guidelines.

  • If you are inside a building, stay inside. Do not rush for the doorways or leave the building.
  • If you are outside, stay outside and move away from buildings.
  • Drop-Cover-Hold On. To reduce chance of injury, cover your neck and head, and stay low to the ground, to avoid falling.
  • Listen for instructions and guidance from the theatre operations team and security team in each venue. They are familiar with the exit routes for each venue.

Should an emergency arise that necessitates a medic, please be aware that the operations team is ready and able to assist with getting a medic or ambulance for immediate assistance.

Turner takes the safety and security of our guests seriously. TCM security team members will occasionally, throughout the Festival, conduct “Bag Checks” at selected venues and events. This measure is to take the appropriate precautions necessary to keep our events safe. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

While Hollywood Blvd. is generally busy and safe to walk, we encourage Festival goers to maintain a sense of their surroundings. Like any major city, we encourage passholders to walk with a companion when walking at night.

Past Festival attendees will also be familiar with the colorful characters, many of them costumed, that populate Hollywood Blvd. Please note that while it is prohibited by law for these characters to solicit tips, it is customary to tip these individuals if you take photos with and/or of them.

Schedule Changes/Additions

Please note that any up-to-the-minute changes of schedule or announcements of additional programs, such as TBA screenings, will be communicated on a daily basis during the Festival, at the Festival Information Desk in the Roosevelt Hotel and at venue box offices. The Information Desk hours on Wednesday, March 25, noon-4:00pm, Thursday, March 26, 10:00am-8:00pm; Friday & Saturday, March 27-28 8:00am to 8:00pm; and Sunday, March 29, 8:00am to 7:00pm. (This is also where Lost & Found will be located.)

In addition, please keep checking out this website for information and updates (or to download our free Festival mobile app). If you have further questions, please visit the Information Desk or the venue box offices, or locate one of the many friendly Festival staffers wearing “STAFF” T-shirts. Don’t be shy, as we’re there to help make the 2015 TCM Classic Film Festival the ultimate film lover’s experience.